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Tuesday May 21st In-Store Exclusives!!

Nova Farms $10 Flower - Limit 1 Per Customer!

Colin Og 1/8th (I/H) , Tangie Le Pew 1/8th (H)

3rd Party Flower - No Limit!

Gelato 1/8th (H) - $15.00


Swamp Thing 1g Southie Fusion Blunt (H) - $12.50

Dutch Treat 4pk 1g Blunts (H) - $18.33


Strawberry Slumber Zzzonked Sleep Gummies (I) - $12.50


Sour Tangie 1g Disposable Vape Pen (S) - $30.00


Ice Cream Man #3 1g Live Budder (H) - $31.67

Please note all in-store exclusive products are available in-store, today only while supplies last


All of our dispensaries are open to customers aged 21+. We accept unexpired Federal IDs from any U.S. state and unexpired foreign and U.S. passports. We highly encourage our customers to preorder from our online menu before visiting the dispensary to pick up in-store.

Cash and debit card payments are accepted; however, due to federal laws, we are unable to accept credit card payments. Nova has ATMs available at all of our locations for your convenience.

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