Deep In Berkshire County, basking within the most fertile soil In all of New England, sits Nova Farms. It is here where our sun-kissed signature strains such as Grease Monkey, Clem Fields, & Sour Diesel harvest the best Mother Nature has to offer. Grease Monkey saddles the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that may soften the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress. Known & loved by many, Sour Diesel alleviates stress & is said to wipe out depression with long lasting effects. Clem Fields is a popular hybrid known for it’s distinct, diesel-like aroma and potency. Our natural cannabis flower is handpicked and crafted into Nova Farms Premium Pre-roll Packs for easy enjoyment and an exceptional experience.

Nova Farms Pre-rolls
Nova Nifty's Laying Flat


Nova Niftys combine potency with pure convenience. These pre-packed pipes come loaded with .3 grams or .5 grams of silky Nova Farms cannabis. They’re incredibly simple to use, and their hi-tech glassware allows for a smoother & sweeter hit. Whatever high you’re after, Nova Niftys can deliver with indica, sativa and hybrid phenotypes. Plus, a pre-packed pipe means they’re ready to go and ready for your enjoyment without the hassle. Grab your Nova Niftys & settle in to the comfort zone!


Say aloha to our Cahuna Rolls – the biggest and most bodacious premium pre-roll on this shore! Packed with an explosive combination of high test cannabis flower and a volcano sized paper, these monstrous pre-rolls are equipped with a natural wooden filter. Cahuna’s will take you to heights that will blend your mind, body and soul. 

Available in 14g XL & 28g XXL

Willow Prerolls


Paint your world pink with Premium Willow Pre-rolls! Donning a pink wrapper, & gold mouthpiece, these premium pre-rolls will elevate your day in the sweetest way. Not that the wonderful aroma of the high end cannabis inside won’t do that first! Willow Premium Pre-rolls are the perfect synthesis of taste, potency and experience. Each pre-roll is handcrafted with only the finest flower grown. Step up to Willow Premium Pre-rolls, Your Sanctuary Awaits.


Paint your world pink with Premium Willow vapes! Donning a white mouth piece these vape carts will elevate your day in the sweetest way. Experience the wonderful aroma of our high end distillate in these exclusive strains. Willow Premium Vape Carts are the perfect synthesis of taste, potency and experience. Step up to Willow Premium vape carts, Your Sanctuary Awaits. 

Available in Jack Herer, Harlequin & Lemon Kush



Pre-filled vapor cartridges – simply screw into a compatible battery and you’re vaping in no time! These sealed cartridges are clean, simple, and distill the essence of your favorite cannabis strains into a com- pact package. Cartridges come in a wide variety of potencies, flavors, and purities. 


Nova Farms Honey Stix are blessed with our very own Berkshire Bees Honey… one million of them, to be exact! Nova Farms’ apiary is one of the largest in New England, and as they pollinate our cannabis flowers they also curate the finest honey available. Nova’s own honey combined with our local cannabinoids make for the perfect match in our flavored Honey Stix. 

Available in Natural Honey, Bourbon, Blueberry & Strawberry



These bites are sweet, tangy and pack a potent punch. Each Bite is infused with precise doses of cannabis oil made from our premium sun-grown flower. A great choice for long-lasting therapeutic effects, or to unwind after a stressful day. 

Available in Raspberry, Blueberry & Green Apple