From the perfect seeds to the perfect growing process, our flower is brought to life artfully by our master farmers. Our passionate group of grow-gurus carefully nurture all of the cannabis that is then turned into our products. Our flower is of consistently high quality and our massive farm in Sheffield Massachusetts is second to none. From concentrates to edibles, distillate to dabs, Nova’s flower brands are where it all begins.




Dreamcatcher is a heavy, berry-flavored Indica Hybrid that combines Blueberry/Black Domina x Blue Chronic. This strain tends to be sedating and heady, as the name might suggest. Dreamcatcher is functional and relaxing in small doses, but its sedative attributes increase with each consecutive hit. Enjoy Dreamcatcher’s permeating relaxation to diminish stress and encourage rest.



Grease Monkey is a sweet Indica Hybrid marijuana strain with earthy and skunky overtones. Created by Exotic Genetix, Grease Monkey is a cross of GG4 x Cookies and Cream. This strain saddles the consumer with a lazy, munchie-fueled body buzz that may soften the blow of chronic pain, nausea, and stress. Grease Monkey’s deep relaxation will naturally lead some consumers toward sleep, so mind your dosage.



Often referred to as “Sour D”, Berkshire Sour Diesel is a fast acting, energy giving strain that delivers long lasting effects. A known Sativa that’s loved by many, this strain may alleviate stress and aid with depression. This strain averages 18.5% THC, and  is a go-to for medicinal patients.



GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies, is a sedating Hybrid strain. It is made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg. It produces a euphoric high with mentally uplifting effects. Consumers say GMO promotes an incredible body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and free from pain. In large doses, this strain may lock you to the sofa and make you feel sedated.



This hybrid is a 60% Indica-dominant hybrid that is also known as “Kosher Tangie”. 24K combines a popular LA strain called Kosher Kush with the champion Sativa, Tangie, to create something out of the ordinary. This strain has a sweet orange flavor and aroma, with dark coloration. 



This potent strain of mysterious origin packs a punch meant for experienced users. Be prepared for a highly cerebral experience paired with a strong heavy-bodied feeling. Clem Fields is a popular hybrid known for it’s distinct, diesel-like aroma. This pungent and sharp smell is recognizable from a mile away! Averaging 18.5% THC, it is perfect to anyone familiar with cannabis looking for something strong.

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Flower may appear different than in images, images do not match strains. Effects vary from person to person depending on many factors including metabolism and experience. Always start slow and work your way up. Avoid combining with any other medication. If taking medication consult with your health professional prior to consumption.